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We offer a wide range of boat trailers with a gross trailer mass from 750 kg to 3500 kg.

Our offer includes trailers for towing small fishing boats, as well as large trailers for the transportation of bigger motor / sailing boats and yachts.

The use of hot dip galvanized metal parts and maintenance-free, fresh water resistant bearings (so-called compact bearings) ensure long and trouble-free life. Unification of the components - overrun devices, braked
and unbraked axles - will enable easy repair of any possible damage throughout Europe.

The variety of boats made us develop several systems for supporting the hull during transportation. Thus, systems designed for transportation of motor boats and yachts, sailing yachts (both centerboard and keel type), as well as for jet skis/personal watercraft have been created.

The best system to carry the motor boat hull is an arrangement consisting of longitudinal supports and a set of guide rollers.

The sailing yacht bunks usually consist of rollers, on which the keel rests, and four point supports.
It is, however, recommended that the yachts more than 8 meters in length be transported on bunks, having the design similar to those on which the motor boats are carried.

The keel yachts require, along with the point supports, also a suitably profiled bunk for the keel. Application of the Neidhardt suspension (steel-rubber elements working in torsion) enables the center of gravity of the towed set to be lowered as much as possible, which provides stability and therefore safety of driving. The axle shifting feature makes it possible to select the appropriate pressure on the hook of the towing vehicle for any type of the towed boat.

Starting by our company of the production of overrun devices to be mounted on 100/100 mm profile towbar (gross trailer mass up to 3000 kg) made it possible to apply solutions with an angled towbar. This is a very practical way to ensure safe launching of the boat on steep slipways.

For price and technical details please contact us or our sales representatives

Boat trailers to individual orders
In addition to the standard boat trailers presented herein, we also deliver to special order some specialized (often multi-purpose) types of trailers, tailored to individual requirements of each Customer.
See examples of the projects >>>


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