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Customers' requirements with respect to the trailers can be quite varied, depending on their individual needs.

We offer individual modifications for our standard boat trailers, flatbed trailers, or utility trailers. In this way, highly specialized and, not uncommonly, multi-purpose constructions are often created, entirely satisfying the very sophisticated requirements of our Customers.
Operation of the trailers manufactured by us is made easier by innovative technical solutions applied.
For example, a hydraulic cylinder in the tilt trailer facilitates loading and unloading goods.

The most popular specialized trailers are:

Utility trailer with plastic closure
length 3,60 m
width 1,60 m
height 1,90 m
load capacity 750 kg
GTM 1100 kg

Horse trailer
length 3,65 m
width 2,30m
height 2,89 m
GTM 3000kg
weight 880 kg
chassis: steel, galvanized, low-slung
floor: waterproof plywood with rubber coating
superstructure: polyester; sunroof (85/45), door (188/65), windows from polycarbonate panels
finish: waterproof varnished plywood, steel partition covers

More non-standard trailers, made to the special Customers' requirements, are presented in the gallery below. For price and technical details please contact us or our sales representatives.

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