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Cymerman Trailers and Accessories is a 100% polish company. We produce trailers and accessories for trailers from more than 20 years.
We use Polish made components for 95% of our production. We guarantee the best design solutions and solid workmanship.

Our offer includes car trailers of various types
and applications
, with a gross trailer mass from 750 kg to 3500 kg, made of galvanized steel:
- boats trailers,
- luggage trailers,
- car transporters,
- horse trailers,
- trailers for transportation of generator sets,
- trailers for transportation of quads,
- trailers for transportation of billboards,
- motorcycle trailers,
- trailers for transportation of jet ski,
- trailers for transportation of canoes,
- trailers for transportation of catamarans,
- and other trailers made to a special Customer's order.

We also offer accessories for trailers, including:
- braked axles and unbraked axles with a load capacity from 750 kg to 1750 kg,
- overrun devices from 1.3 t to 3.5 t,
- winches with horizontal pulling force from 300 to 600 kg,
- point supports,
- keel rollers,
- jockey wheels,
- suspension arms,
- hubs and hub drums,
- brake shields and brake shoes (calipers),
- bearing cups, etc.
Trailers and accessories manufactured in our factory are characterized by high quality, durability and reliability of their elements.
Unification of our trailer components and accessories makes it possible to repair any possible damage all over Europe. Our Company has been duly tested by the Polish Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT) and guarantees that trailer purchased by the Customer comes with the type approval certificate.

In the spring 2010 we have expanded our offer with the BOOTSHAK.

The BOOTSHAK is an improved type of boat hook, enhanced with two interacting stainless steel tips, complete with an aluminum pole extending by 26 cm sections up to the length of 160 - 290 cm. Using it improves safety and comfort when pushing off / reaching the shore. An additional complementary hook, together with Clevis Hook, facilitates the retrieving of buoys.
Download the folder with operating instructions.

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