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As the only manufacturer in Poland, we offer four types of Overrunning brakes, from 1.3 t to 3.5 t, for a V-shaped and for a single towbar:

1. Overrunning brake UNC 1,3-1,7 t
2. Overrunning brake UNC 2,0 t
3. Overrunning brake UNC 2,5-3,0 t
4. Overrunning brake UNC 2,5-3,5 t

Overrunning brake - UNC 1.3-3 t Overrunning brake - UNC 3.5 t
Overrunning brake 1.3-3.5
for a single towbar
Overrunning brake 1.3-3.5
For a V-shaped towbar

For price and technical details please contact us or our sales representatives

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